Wednesday, 29 May 2013

I'm back!

Wheek! Guess who. Yup, it's me!

... you do remember me, right?

Well, to refresh your memory...

Something like that, right? Black hair, white fuzz...

Oh yeah, that's right.

So first, welcome to my new followers! I read all your comments very carefully.

It's great you stopped by and I hope you stick around! My hooman Melon is gonna try to be a bit better with being my typist.

And to my faithful friends, sorry for not being around; I know I've got a lot from you guys to catch up on! Melon has missed you too. I think she's still got serious dog envy; she checks out every dog we see on the street! Humph!

 Why would she need anything other than me?

Puppy dog eyes: guinea pigs have them too

Wheek out,