Friday, 14 June 2013

What do I eat?

I think it's time for another edu-ma-ca-tional post on guinea pigs!
Guinea pigs are both 'veggie-eaters' and 'very good eaters'. That's a fancy way of saying that we understand that food is the most important thing in life.
So, here is documentation of me eating some of my favourite foods, in ascending order of yumminess:

Crispy strips of yum

Green leafy yum
Wispy bits of yum

Very commonly found hard stalks of yum

Sweet juicy yum with a very chewy bit

Orange crunchy yum!

"fresh grass" yum


Not pictured: celery, pellets, newspaper, spinach, orange, ice-cream containers, dried leaves, grapes, apple. 
Have you eaten anything good today?
Wheek out!

Thursday, 6 June 2013


Nothing like sitting down with a book and a snack after  b-a-t-h  spa time...

(And Melon says this could be the last of  b-a-t-h  spa time for a while! Whoohoo!)

Wheek out,