Saturday, 10 August 2013

Hello again

Hey, wheeek, it’s me! I’m back! Yup, me and Melon tend to jump in and out of Blogville, mostly ‘cause of her Issues. But one thing you’ll quickly learn about us: we’ll always be back!

How am I doing, you ask? Quite well, thank you. I’ve been home, no one’s taken me back to the weird place with the poking and the coming home all sleepy and stuff. Melon says my chest where the stitches are looks good – all I know is, it’s not bothering me! – and she seems happy with what the number machine tells her too. So back to life as usual for me. Wheeek.

So what’s the big news now? Well, Melon and I have done a lot of ne-go-tia-ting and I’ve finally decided to let her put some posts on my blog too. I know, I know, why did I let her steal MY megaphone… but she’s a hooman and sometimes you just gotta humour those hoomans.

So… get ready for some words from Melon here too. I know what she has to say isn’t as important as what I have to say, of course, but do me a favour and humour her too, okay?

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  1. woo hoo,this is great news Cocoa,and to hear from Melon too well that just awesoome,xx Speedy


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