Monday, 12 August 2013

MMA: Of Dogs and Guinea Pigs But Mostly Dogs


Since I’m on sabbatical (ie. taking time off for my health) I've started some volunteer work with children. A lovely older lady drives me once a week. I think I must have mentioned my trip to the park to her, because all of a sudden she's urging me to get a dog. They really are great for mental health, she says. With my son [who had depression etc], she says, it was like a miracle. He really credits his dog for saving his life, saying some days she is the only thing he gets up for. At first, the lady told me, she was saying things like 'that dog will not come into the house', but within a week, she said, the dog was lounging on her bed!

Now, don't worry, I'm not going to jump into it that quickly - getting a dog is a big commitment and nothing I'd do in a hurry. But I do have thoughts of getting a dog in the future, if I'm living with my boyfriend. Before this week, my psychiatrist, who has been working through issues with me regarding guilt and taking care of my guinea pig, had said to me that a dog might be a good pet for me in the future because it certainly won't sit and let me ignore it. It seems like my older friend is saying the same.

Volunteering at an animal shelter/rescue might be a good way to go for now. I haven't decided to go guinea pigs or dogs, but I'm leaning dogs at the moment. We'll see.


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  1. Sounds Like a great Plan Melon,we'll support you no matter what you decide,xx Rachel and Speedy.
    Mind you you can't ignore House bunnies either not from my experience,xx Rachel


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