Wednesday, 13 January 2016

An Introduction: In Which Melon Finds Her Newest Victim

This is Penne.

This little cutie belongs to my neighbours. She's a six month old cavoodle (Cavalier King Charles x Mini Poodle). I met her the day she arrived home when I dropped off my 'welcome, new puppy' present. To be honest, I was a bit concerned because I wasn't sure her peeps knew what they were getting into with a puppy! My welcome present consisted of two dog training books -- one a comprehensive guide for the teens/adults and the other a Usborne children's guide to dogs and puppies for the younger kids -- and a homemade toy I whipped up out of fleece. 

young caramel puppy 7 weeks old
Timid pup the day she arrived, all of 7 weeks old

Luckily, Penne is a sweet, happy-go-lucky dog who has settled in well to her new family. She even still has the toy I gave her on day one -- intact!

And yes, as you may have guessed, her people are on holidays so I've dognapped her for the week to love on, practice my training experiments on play with and pretend she's mine. Her family (except their oldest teenager) have gone away twice this month and the first time I went over to 'entertain her' (as requested) as much as I could when he was out. The second time, though, I've just dognapped her to stay at mine! Her parents are happy, teenager is thrilled to be relieved of dog duties and, well, do you think I mind this cutie living in my family room?


  1. What a sweetie!!! Bet you would love to pupnap her every day.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  2. Very very sweet. And what a nice neighbor you are! And yes, it amazes me that there is a market at all for puppies...Let's hope she is an unusually manageable one!

    1. She is very sweet. Thanks Kirsten!
      You mean because puppies are so much work? I've always said I'll never get a puppy because I don't want the work, but I doubt you're really surprised that there is a market, given your shelter work!

      But, um, she is an unusually manageable one. Which is very lucky for me but seeing how my neighbours have managed fine does make me rethink my no-puppy policy, perhaps...


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