Friday, 26 February 2016

A Day: Which Is Both Frustrating And Rewarding (That Is To Say, Normal)

We are now halfway through Ava's 9th week of life. Today was a tough day, but not without its rewards.

Toilet training is frustrating, not so much with accidents as the constant having to watch pup and analyse behaviour. (I believe giving such a task to someone who is already obsessive is known as "enabling"...) It's physically demanding too, being constantly on your feet to check what she is doing and whisk her outside at a moment's notice.

Her coordination is improving, which means more running after her than before and more curiosity about the world. Her world is expanding from sleeping and toys, so I have to expand my repertoire from nanny and toilet trainer to marathon runner, puppy-catcher and puppy entertainer!

Can you believe it?

Ava has learned to run up the stairs, too, which means the overdue task of blocking off the stairs needs to be done - stat. (Otherwise, I'll need a nap every time she does, just from all the puppy-catching!) Her learning the stairs meant I had to drag her pen out to the daytime room today, too, just so I could go up the stairs and out the front door... to get her leash from the porch!

On the other hand, Ava is still super good and super sweet in my bag going for outings. I think there's something about small animals that makes everyone squee, especially if said pocket-sized creature is in an actual pocket.

Who, me?

As you know, I have a heart of stone and am pretty immune to baby animal charm, but I do feel warm fuzzies every time we return back to the house and she goes potty nicely and then I put her down for a nap. I feel glad she's been so good, and I know a big part of it is because she trusts me.

So, not totally made of stone, I guess.

I provide evidence to the contrary!


  1. Hey we all have a "weakness" and Ava is just too darn beautiful to ignore.


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