Tuesday, 12 April 2016

An Interlude: In Which Melon Visits an Old Friend

Friends, I have something nice to share with you.

Remember Katie? She is the Lab I walked a few years ago when her human went interstate. She was 10 years old then, but had no idea of her age and had insatiable enthusiasm for people (read: jumping up), walks and food. Because of this I learnt to clicker train, and discovered that I enjoyed working with dogs.

Her human has been jetsetting around and developing a great career, so I haven't seen Katie since then... but the other day I saw her again!

Just home from surgery for lumps and bumps -- I hope you showed my good side!

Her human was back home for a visit so I stopped by the house to see Miss Katie. She is 13 years old now, still has that lovely yellow coat, soft ears and big smile.

Okay. To be perfectly honest -- I wouldn't have known it was the same dog. I knew she's old now, but still expected her to jump up at me -- that was her defining characteristic, in my mind. This quiet, sedate girl just wanted to be with us, and certainly didn't show a lot of enthusiasm.

This is definitely my good side.
I'm sure it's natural and easier to get your head around when you've seen it happen, but I haven't seen her for years. I'm not sure what her human thinks, since she's been away most of the time too. (Katie's been in the care of family.)

Clearly both her human and I are learning about ageing in dogs -- a good lesson -- but regardless, I was very glad to see her again!

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