Monday, 11 April 2016

Ava's Adventures: In Which Melon Tells Us What She's Learnt From Puppy

I learn things every time we have a dog stay with us at home.

Ava has taught me:

  • It is much harder to stop a small dog from escaping through doors and gates than a large one. We are working on LOTS of waits and stays but it is much harder when the dog can slip through easily, especially if they can follow you quietly. 

I would never.

  • It takes a LOT to puppy-proof a yard, particularly if you have complex landscaping. The Ava-proofing has been upgraded not once but twice since she's arrived. 

Did they really think this could keep me out?

  •  Dogs want to learn about everything.

  • oooh.


  • Small things are just cute.

Why am I up here, exactly?

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