Tuesday, 21 June 2016

A Dog: In The Middle Of Many Travel Adventures

So I know I said since I'm on holiday I wouldn't be posting here (but instead at the travel blog) but
I just feel kinda bad for neglecting my dog-blog-friends!

So here's a couple of quick photos of Milo, my aunt's mini poodle.

Milo apricot mini poodle

He's quite an anxious boy and paces a lot, whether there are visitors or not, but after a long time of being patient, he eventually approached and I was able to touch him without his shying away (my mother achieved that first - humph).

I stayed with these relatives four years ago and poor Milo was more anxious then, he paced the whole time we visited and I never touched him. But I knew less about dogs then...

This time I managed to engage with him through a game of tug, and I was so happy to see he really does play! I had cast a skeptical eye on his toys when I arrived as I have friends with dogs who have toys... just for doggy decor as they couldn't care less about play!

My uncle said 'watch out for his teeth, he can be careless' - but I couldn't have cared less, as I was so happy to see him doing something other than pacing!

Plus, this game of tug and a brief leash walk is the only dog-interaction I've had for a couple of weeks, so I'm grateful to him for giving me my dog-fix!

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

USA travel

Sorry for the silence, dear readers. I am travelling USA at the moment, so I'd love it if you'd follow me for the next couple weeks at http://bythedonzerlylight.blogspot.com/.

or, the United States of America through the eyes of a Hong Kong-born Australian girl

There probably won't be any dogs, I'll admit, but there will be parks, food, and many, many reflections on the big country that has in so many ways shaped my view -- as an Australian -- of the (Western) world.

Thursday, 2 June 2016

A Day: Where Something Was Just A Little Bit Different

So my charge today was Miss Conehead here.

Please don't put any captions on this post.

I went in early to check on her in the morning. Her people didn't ask me to, but I just couldn't bear the thought of her alone post-surgery and potentially hurting her stitches, even with the cone.

I knew what to expect, of course, but it was still startling to see her greet me wearing such a big plastic cone. It was my first real-life experience with a pup in the cone of shame, so it was -- as is everything with Ava -- good experience for me.

Her spay surgery went smoothly and although groggy last night (I'm told) she was fine today -- pretty much just like herself on a quiet day. She was reluctant to go out onto the grass in the yard, but that may have been due to the moisture from the rain. (She doesn't mind a bit of a drizzle on her back, but wet paws are just not happening.)

I stayed with her almost the whole time her people were out today, because I feel responsible for her, and, well, because I care. I've been with her the whole journey since she came home from the breeder, and it's so lovely to be part of something so special. And it just so happened that I had study to do today, so I could sit inside with the heater left on for post-surgery pup (thanks, Ava) and hide from the winter chill. (Yes, we Aussies are total wusses about the cold.)

I was glad she had my company today -- but I was just as glad to have hers.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

A Note: In Which Melon Appears, Albeit Briefly, And Leaves A Thread To Follow

Yes, my dear readers, I'm still here. There have been a few things going on here lately which have kept me away from the computer. A few changes -- but mostly for the better. In fact, things are looking up for me in a more long-term direction, which is terrifying, but -- not at all a bad thing!

I am going to be travelling soon, which will either give me more or less time to blog, I'm not sure which. It's a 3-week USA trip and I will be continuing my USA travels blog, so I'll leave you guys with that blog address before I go for anyone interested.

But as for animal adventures -- I still have a couple more Ava stories to catch you up with, as well as our current progress! I will do my best to get back here, but meanwhile, I'll leave you with yesterday's Instagram post.

(If you 'do' Instagram, make sure you follow or bookmark me, melondious -- its ease of posting isn't helping with my blog neglect, I'm afraid!)