Thursday, 2 June 2016

A Day: Where Something Was Just A Little Bit Different

So my charge today was Miss Conehead here.

Please don't put any captions on this post.

I went in early to check on her in the morning. Her people didn't ask me to, but I just couldn't bear the thought of her alone post-surgery and potentially hurting her stitches, even with the cone.

I knew what to expect, of course, but it was still startling to see her greet me wearing such a big plastic cone. It was my first real-life experience with a pup in the cone of shame, so it was -- as is everything with Ava -- good experience for me.

Her spay surgery went smoothly and although groggy last night (I'm told) she was fine today -- pretty much just like herself on a quiet day. She was reluctant to go out onto the grass in the yard, but that may have been due to the moisture from the rain. (She doesn't mind a bit of a drizzle on her back, but wet paws are just not happening.)

I stayed with her almost the whole time her people were out today, because I feel responsible for her, and, well, because I care. I've been with her the whole journey since she came home from the breeder, and it's so lovely to be part of something so special. And it just so happened that I had study to do today, so I could sit inside with the heater left on for post-surgery pup (thanks, Ava) and hide from the winter chill. (Yes, we Aussies are total wusses about the cold.)

I was glad she had my company today -- but I was just as glad to have hers.

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