Tuesday, 5 July 2016

A Return: In Which We Ponder The Keys To Happiness

I'm back from my travels. Holidays are lovely, but I'm also happy to be home, because, luckily, things are generally looking up for me recently. After all, I have a couple of things to keep me busy and to look forward to.

What's that old saying? To be happy you need something to do, someone to love and something to look forward to? Well, then:

Keys to Melon's Happiness

♥ Something to do: Get my driver's licence, to make my life work approximately 547, 629 times easier

♥ Someone to love: Little Miss Ava, of course!

puppy zooms around with toy in mouth
New toy! New toy!
(It's hard to justify buying souvenirs when you're travelling, sometimes. But the puppy clearly needs a Marshmallow Peep-tug toy.)

♥ Something to look forward to: New jobs! I have 2 fluffies boarding with me from tomorrow, in fact. Stay tuned...

Ava Cavalier pup lies under cafe table
If you really loved me, you'd share your lunch.


  1. Nawwww look at her adoring expression! Doesn't it just scream 'Feed me!'?

    1. Haha I think a dog's idea of love and my idea of love are kind of different... Oh wait.

  2. A little pasta for her would be a good thing. I'll lick the fork :)

    1. Not you too Sammy! I can only take so much before I give in... and you know it! Haha!

  3. Sounds like to DO have a lot to feel good about. Exciting you have a few fluffy pups to look after. Wish you were around here, I'd hire you to watch my not-so-fluffy pups in minute!

    1. Ahh Kirsten you give me faar too much credit - wish I had your experience with the emotional (and humpy) ones!


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