Tuesday, 23 August 2016

A Surprise in the Mailbox

Do you know these rope toys?

Close-up of a white rope knotted at both ends, with green stripes. It is lying on the grass and behind we see the forelegs of a white and brown puppy.

Ava loves her peppermint striped one. Her humans bought it for her and she's always been able to carry it in her mouth, even though it probably weighs the same as her head.

Rope toys seem generally popular and rather sturdy too, so I thought I'd order a couple online.
(I usually go for quality over budget, but don't we all buy cheap things on eBay late at night?)

I couldn't guess what the little package in my mailbox was last week.

2 tiny rope toys are held in an open hand next to a coffee mug for scale. They are only slightly bigger than the hand.

I guess I should have checked the dimensions first.

Ava puppy lies facing the two rope toys: one large, white and green and the other much smaller and colourful. She is looking down at them, seemingly unimpressed.


  1. Any new toy is a good toy. Okay mom please give me more treats to make up for the little rope toy

    1. I think Ava'd agree on both counts, Sam - new toys and treats, definitely both!


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