Friday, 26 August 2016

Fun Friday in the Forest

Do you remember Max and Cherry? They are two Cocker Spaniels who love to run. Ava and I met them on a walk once, when she was only 15 weeks old.
The other day we humans took the three spaniels for a walk in the bush. 

Ava had a lot of fun playing in the magical forest with her friends. They get along well because Max and Cherry are more interested in crashing through the forest than getting too up close and personal with her. I hope you, like I, smile when you see how much fun they are having!

Ava, Max and Cherry wish everyone a happy Friday!


  1. Bahahaha Interesting choice of music melon.
    I literally thought an ad for some sort of snake charmer was playing before I realized it was part of your video...

  2. WoW. That looks like great fun - even the slight crash :) they sure have a lot of energy. Keep on rockin' kids!!

    1. Thanks for watching, Sam, love your comments. It's all fun when somebody stops suddenly...

  3. So much fun!! It is always great to see pups running.


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