Thursday, 27 October 2016

An Update: On What's Going On With Our Girl Ava

So I've borrowed Ava's cute face a few times lately, but I haven't given her any real airtime lately. So I think it's time to do so now.

Hi guys.

Yup, she's in a cone, on lead, having the good life.

Very funny.

Unfortunately her humans noticed that she was having a couple issues with her hind left leg, so off to the vets we went, and it's luxating patella, which is a knee dislocating condition common in small breeds. She wasn't really in a bad way, but the vets advised we operate sooner rather than later as she would develop arthritis if left untreated, so the humans bit the bullet and she's had patella surgery at 10 months old.

I think we were all worried it wasn't the right decision, but she had her 1-week post-op checkup yesterday and the vet is pleased with her recovery progress and tells us the knee is no longer luxating (dislocating). Home with her today, I would say she's honestly still her own spunky self.

So she'll be fine. We humans will just have to persevere at keeping our small, energetic girl quiet for a couple months!

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