Friday, 16 December 2016

A Milestone: In Which The Finish Line Is In Sight

Guess what? I've completed the attendance component of my dog training course!

C'mon, human! We're nearly there!
Something I haven't yet made clear is that this course is not just a course on how to train dogs, but on how to become a dog trainer. It's offered through my city's technical college, so it's preparing us for a potential career as a dog trainer, and sharing with us all the professional aspects of the industry.

So you'll understand why my final practical exam consisted of teaching a pet obedience class (eg. puppy school). Of course, in the exam my fellow students played the part of the pet owners, but I did teach a real obedience class lesson.

I was a little apprehensive because while I feel I can teach one-on-one, I have little experience standing up in front of a class. And even less experience teaching practical skills out on a field!

But it went well! I think I actually impressed both my teacher (the assessor) and my fellow students (some of whom are quite skilled at speaking to audiences)!

So I'm quite pleased, and trying to keep in mind the idea of teaching puppy classes as a source of income. Honestly, I'm harbouring reservations. Reservations being; a combination of insecurity due to inexperience, which is natural and can be overcome, and... a genuine reluctance to deal with people. See, in obedience classes the real students are the pet owners, and thanks to my mental health challenges sometimes dealing with people is, well, a challenge.

But I do know that if I can teach and I can teach well, I shouldn't throw the option out.

Either way, having finished all my classes (and attended almost every single class) is a big achievement, and honestly more than I'd dreamed of. I've still got plenty of written assignments and a practical skill to complete, but I look forward to telling you when that is over -- hopefully before Christmas!

I think I smell freedom. Or is that Christmas cake?


  1. Well done!! Whether or not you choose to go on to teaching (and from our experiences of puppy school with several young children in attendance, I completely understand your reservations), it sounds that at least the experience proved you can do it! :)

    1. Thanks for both your understanding and your support, Chris! x


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