Monday, 19 December 2016

Monday Mischief Miracle

So I was walking Ava down the road past my bus stop when I saw a little Kong on the ground... sure. Should we go to the cafe? Nah, let's go to the p-

Wait. A tiny Kong toy? Double-take. Must be something else.

Just a tiny Kong...

Wait. What?

Now, my brain does jump to some odd conclusions sometimes, particularly if I'm preoccupied. In this case though, I was 100% right.

See? No joke.

Now see that again with Ava for scale -- who, might I remind you, as a 7kg (15lbs) Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, is not exactly huge.

I think mine's bigger.

It appears to be a Kong promotional keychain. It's made of the same rubber but does have 'not for pets' printed on its base.

Guess it'll just have to go in the same drawer I put these toys in.

Maybe my next dog will be a chihuahua?

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