Sunday, 25 December 2016

To You, From Me: The Warmest of Wishes

Merry Christmas, guys. I don't have any dogs home with me this Christmas (or any Christms so far -- that adventure still awaits!) but I always have my little friends... and you guys! Sending big hugs to everyone. Take care of yourselves, because I love you!


  1. Hi Melon, we're so glad to "hear" from you. We hope that you have a fireplace that you can start a warm fire in - while not a substitute for a dog or four, it'll do the trick in a pinch. Merry Christmas. And Melon....if you need someone to "take care of those stuffies" for you, just let me know :) Merry Christmas

    1. Hi Sam, lovely to hear back from you too! Hehe... um, I'm in Australia, so Christmas is the height of summer and 30C+. I think I'll pass on the warm fire and chomp down on some watermelon instead! I realise the photo is a bit misleading, but Christmas is a rather unusual fusion of hot summer and wintery decorations here!
      P.S. My stuffed friends are running away from you now, Sam!


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