Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Guest Post: New Pup on the Block

little white and brown puppy lies on ground looking up at camera

Hi! I'm Puppy. I mean, Darcy. Darcypup? Something like that. I'm not sure exactly. You can call me Darcy.

I'm a boy and I'm also a Ca- Cav- Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Yup. I'm 13 weeks old and I've been living here for 4 weeks now.

This is my big sister Ava.

birds-eye view of Ava looking at Darcy. Both pups are white with brown patches but Darcy is about half Ava's size.
Damn it kid, you gotta relax.  Just play it cool, okay?

She told me to come say hi to Blogville. She knows how to get all the treats and smuggle rocks into the house. She's the coolest.

Ava lies on the ground with a surprised expression while Darcy the puppy jumps on her head
I love my big sis!

It's pretty nice here so far. I have a sisfur to chase AND humans to cuddle. Did you know that human laps are really comfy?

Close-up of Darcy lying on the grass
So far, so good.

The humans have been telling me I've been picking things up real quick. It's true! I can pick up toys and sticks and run real fast.

Tiny Darcy runs across the lawn
Wait for me!

Ooh, all that running made me sleepy. Time for a nap in my crate. 
Bye humans! 
Darcy out! xo


  1. *heart* good job Darcy pup... Or "Darcy poo" in the mornings

  2. Hi Darcy! You sure are cute and we look forward to learning more about you.

    1. Thanks ACDs! I'll try to join in more, the silly human has been 'busy' apparently. (Melon: Yeah, busy walking dogs, training dogs, feeding dogs... sigh.)


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