Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Mini-Holiday: In Which Ava and Darcy Are As Sweet As Ever

A holiday is always nice, isn't it? Ava and Darcy spent the weekend with me while their humans did human things.

They were dropped off in the morning, and as I was putting things away I turned around to find this...

Both dogs in one crate looking at me

How sweet are these two?

Big and little cavaliers in one crate, wide-eyed
Who, us?

Ava and Darcy sit behind baby gate
Whatcha doin'?

Seeing how close these two are seems extra sweet to me after my most recent boarders, two dogs who were from the same household but didn't like each other very much.

Darcy and Ava sit outside behind glass door
We pooped, can we come in now?
And yes, I let them in -- they were both very good dogs all weekend. Gotta love 'em.


  1. They are so cute, they almost look like stuffies! I love the picture in the crate, Brook and Hiker did that one time when we were away.

    1. You are not the first to call them stuffies - well, Darcy gets compared to a plush dog all the time!
      Nice to hear Brook and Hiker are willing to share, too!


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