Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Tiger and Cow: A Love Story

As a petsitter / dog trainer, I am in the unique position of having many dogs go through my home / care, rather than just one.

And we know that every dog is different, with their own likes and dislikes, and all sorts of fun personality quirks.

That’s why, in my household, this plant will forever be known as Gatsby’s Bush.

I just loved to look out my window and see her balancing like a sphinx on the round bush (top left).

And then -- there's Tiger’s Cow.

Allow me to present: Tiger and Cow: A Love Story.


  1. LOVED the video! Good job. (people look at ya funny if you're snickering in the laundromat by the way....they probably wonder what I am watching!)

    1. Thanks acdMom! Always love to hear from you. Hehe - I will keep that in mind (and probably try it myself just for fun)!


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