Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Guest Post: The Trouble With Walking Humans

Hi guys. Darcy here!

It's nice to be back on the blog.

But the thing is -- I have this problem.

See, my sister said that training humans can be hard. But then, she said that I could do a good job if I was con...sistent? Basically, I have to be responsible and keep doing the same thing over and over until they work out what they're meant to do. That doesn't sound too hard.

But no one told me how hard it is to walk a human!

First, you have to have them on a string, because otherwise they don't follow you.

If it weren't for the string, who knows where the human would end up!

But then once you're outside, they don't seem to know what to do. You know how it is, right? There are people to get pats from, birdies to chase, all kinds of tasty things to grab and sooo many smells to sniff!

Must. Catch. Birdies.


But the human just can't keep up. Like, whenever I leap for a birdie, she always stops before I can catch it! (I guess humans tire easily.) Sometimes she even turns around to go in the other direction... even though I'm all ready to meet the people coming towards us! Sigh.

And that's not all. Whenever there's the good smells, the ones that need a whole minute to appreciate (you know the ones), she can't seem to wait, and tries to hurry me along! Can you believe it? I guess patience is hard for humans.

My sister did tell me humans can be kind of slow, but I dunno how she managed to train them because we pups never go walking together anymore. I dunno why. Maybe because the humans are too clumsy to keep the strings from tangling up when I jump on Ava? They seem to get all flustered every time I tackle her!

Don't get me wrong, humans are fun and I know I have a big responsibility to teach them right. But man, it's hard work!

Help a pup out -- do you have any tips on walking humans?

Darcy xx


  1. That's funny! Blueberry and I have a give and take relationship when it comes to stopping while walking. I let her sniff things and she stops for me when I have to pick up her poo, blow my nose (allergies) or stop for a snack or picture taking. I read somewhere that letting dogs sniff is beneficial to their mental health too. They are dogs, they view the world through their noses. They could care less about looking at a beautiful flower...but if another dog pees on it, they love to check it out. ;)

    1. Sounds like you and Blueberry have a great arrangement! Darcy's sister Ava and I have a similar arrangement... but Darcy? Not so much, hah! I love the way you've summed up the difference between human and dog in the flower example.


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