Thursday, 31 August 2017

A Report: In Which Keisha Writes Home

You know how when you go on holiday and you arrive at your destination, you send your family a message to let them know that you've arrived safely? (One of the many wonders of technology.)

Well, our latest houseguest would like to check in with her humans from her current vacation spot at Chez Melon.

Hi guys!

It's me, Keisha.

Melon says I should tell you what I did today.

Well, I went for a walk.

Then, I had dinner.

What did I do next?

Better get comfy while I try to remember.

Then... then...


Hey, Keisha? Keisha, it's Melon. Did you have anything more to add? You awake? Keisha? Helllooo?

... hmm. Guess that's all for now, folks!

Sunday, 20 August 2017

A Visit: In Which A Rather Pleasant Houseguest Comes to Stay

Remember Apollo, the Golden Retriever who really knows how to relax?

The lifesaver float is not for him... BOL!

Well, he stayed with us again for about a week and it was great. He's an easy dog.

For one, he really knows how to relax.

No, really -- despite his size he is relaxed in the house, never counter-surfs or paws the humans.

And he's an easy walker, which is great because at ~45kgs (at a guess), he needs all the walks he can get!

Lastly, he carries his bunny everywhere, which is, quite frankly, adorable.

Come back anytime, Apollo. You're always welcome.

Friday, 18 August 2017

Flashback Friday: It's Gatsby Time!

Things are still happening around here, but we've had some technical difficulties and the human has a bit of a cold. So while those updates are still coming, I think it's time for a flashback!

Miss Gatsby is the first dog who ever boarded at my house. She's a beautiful Japanese Spitz and was just a year old when she stayed with me.

She loves the outdoors and I loved to watch her explore the yard.

She's regal

And elegant

But silly

And fun.

Happy Gech!

Most of all, she's sweet and her trust in me when she visited reminded me of what I have to contribute as a trainer and as a companion to the canines.

Monday, 7 August 2017

Mischief Monday: Shhhh...

If I stay vewwy vewwy quiet... no one will notice me under here.


Saturday, 5 August 2017

The Story Progresses: Melon Has A Graduation

A week ago, something cool happened. I became an official instructor at the Hills dog obedience club!

Yes, I've been teaching there for a few months. But I'm a full obedience class instructor now, because I finished the training course. I had a graduation and everything!

Honestly, it felt a little weird because for the other graduates, graduation night was the culmination of a year of study and teaching experience. (Also, most grads being significantly older than me, it was a brave step back into the world of study for them.)

Whereas I joined the course half-way and made up the homework in a short amount of time. Yes, I did the reading and written work. But since that was done alone at the comfort of my desk, it doesn't quite feel the same as a shared adventure with my peers.

But I'm very glad to be part of the team, excited for the opportunity to contribute and very appreciative of the warm welcome. The club has a really dedicated group of volunteers who teach and organise and do everything else that needs to run an organisation -- and all to benefit the community. So I'm proud to be part of the team, and will have lots of teaching adventures to share!