the characters

it started with a wheek!

His name was Cocoa and this was his blog. He gave 101 lessons on guinea pigs (they eat everything and poop a lot), the world (food is the best thing on this planet) and life with a human (hoomans are weird, but they provide foodables so you gotta live with it).

He lived 'til 8. His teeth weren't the best and he could have done with a friend, but he was a fighter and he never had a bad hair day in his life. He taught us a lot.


I'm that hooman. My name is Melon. I'm a young Aussie who loves reading, writing, crafting, company and coffee. I'm passionate about education, art, empathy, and food that makes you happy. 

But this blog chronicles my adventures with animals. I loved guinea pigs, I am obsessed with dogs, and would love also to learn more about the animal known as human. Recent topics here include how I tried to help an acquaintance's dog I knew was neglected, a journey of learning to clicker train, and preparing my best friend's dog for a stay at my house. 

Welcome to Melon's Animal Adventures. There's a cushion over there, fruit in that bowl, and I'm making tea. Meanwhie, make yourself comfortable and join me for a chat. I love company.